The Chosen Review - The BEST And Most Humanized Christian Series On Video Today


My Review

I binge watched this show over the past couple days. I'm a Christian by the way. Although I don't like saying that, because when I grew up religion was forced on me, and I hated it. Plus I've known way too many hypocrites in it that made me want to distance myself from them, and from saying I'm a Christian. I call those people Bible Lawyers: people who twist the obvious, the simple, and the good, so far beyond it's original intent into something that's absolutely worthless and doesn't represent what it is. According to them, all you have to do is say the magic words that you believe in Jesus, and you'll go to heaven. Then you're free to murder, steal, rape, do anything evil, and not suffer any consequences because the Bible Lawyers said so. I can't stand these people. They twisted Jesus into an effeminate bearded pussy.

But this series is AWESOME!!

The character depth is superb. Everyone is humanized with all their flaws and shortcomings. You can relate to them as if you knew these people today. It is not dry and dull, and I'm pretty sure that even if you hate the thought of God, Jesus, or religion, that you will probably like this series because it's so relatable. The people think, act, and talk just like we do today. I was awed on how well it was put together, especially from being completely crowdfunded. I'll include the pilot episode below to give you an idea on what it's like. Though the pilot is still very good, the actual series is FAR better, and so well produced that you'd swear it came out of a rich movie set.

But isn't God fake??

I will never try to convince you God is real. But I can tell you why I do. I have had thousands of such amazing "coincidences" that literally saved me from death throughout my whole life. One example is when I was about 7 or 8. Me and my brother slept on a bunk bed. He had the top, I had the bottom. And when I laid on mine, when looking up you could see the horizontal metal bars that his mattress laid on top of. And one day I had this idea to take my blanket and stuff it under the metal bars above me about mid way, so it was like a triangular tent. I loved building forts too, so it was awesome cause I made my own fort without help. I was proud of my genius invention, and I slept in this "tent" curled up in a ball at the bottom 1/2 for maybe a week or 2. And one day I went back to normal, but as soon as I did that...

I had this overwhelming feeling that I HAD TO GO BACK TO THE TENT RIGHT NOW!!

I could not shake it off. It would not go away. That feeling was so urgent and dire, it felt like the adrenaline rush you get before a fight. I HAD TO GO BACK TO MY TENT, RIGHT NOW!! IT IS DANGEROUS HERE!! GO BACK NOW!!! And within a minute or so, I obeyed my feeling and went back to my "tent"... Now I don't remember the amount of days, but within like a week or so, I opened my eyes and saw my brother had jumped off the top. Immediately after that, his bunk broke, and crashed down on top of me, sandwiching me between the 2 bunks. I screamed for my parents, they came, Dad pulled me out, and I was completely fine, not hurt at all. In the aftermath, we noticed the bunk had a weak joint that snapped, and it collapsed right where my head would have been. I could have been severely damaged, paralyzed, or died had I not paid attention to that warning I felt when I tried going back to sleeping normally... And this is one of the lesser things that have happened to me.

But for any atheists or Bible Lawyers out there, I'll bet you might be thinking it was coincidence, or that God isn't real, doesn't provide warnings, or wonder why you were never helped when X thing happened to you in the past, and so on... All I can say is that I pity you if you don't have these same kinds of experiences, because they've happened to me thousands of times, and the thing I said above is small compared to the others. I'd rather be dead if those things never happened either.

And if you want to have these kinds of experiences too: you don't need to say any magic words. All you need is to humble yourself. Look in the mirror at your flaws, and I'm not speaking physically here - I am speaking with your problems in life caused by the way you act or think, and try to be the best person you can morally - turn from any evil you do. Seek the truth, and ask yourself in your head to prove himself to you. No need to make a show of it, but your sincerity in all this will determine if he ever listens to you. Afterall, what's it going to hurt?? You don't need to worry about people making fun of you. And this is one of the many reasons why this series is so good: it's humanized storytelling, not legalistic babble.

Watch the free pilot episode for free

Episode 1 is free too, or buy them all with VidAngel

If you're still not convinced, you can watch episode 1 for free. I guarantee you it's worth it. I can't wait for season 2, and they're pretty close to having the funding for it. So consider investing in it too if you want more :)

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