How To Be Your Own Bad Faith Insurance Attorney


The worst insurance company is Erie insurance

Why? I'll go over that in the video below.

And you don't need a lawyer to sue the insurance company

I recently beat Erie insurance out of court, and I'm just some guy.

You can do it yourself too, and it's not hard. Learning how will set you free from people with petty power of all types. It will transfer to every other part of your life too, so people can't rob you of your rights.

I suggest you watch the entire video below all in one go. It's a little over an hour. Doing that, and acting on what I say, will empower you to stop being afraid of people who want to screw you over.

Other places to view it

You can also watch the above on my social media video channels listed near the bottom of this site. Here are the exact links for this particular video: Twitter /, Odysee, Rumble, Brighteon, BitChute, and YouTube, but fuck Goolag and YouTube. They've been blacklisting me for years, and I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube removed me completely for this video. They can suck a donkey's crusty ass.

Time stamps

I don't suggest you skip ahead. If you do, you are likely going to miss an important detail, and you might lose because of it... But here you go:

Intro = 0 min

Why you should watch this video = 19:39

What the real problem is = 30:32

Learn the legal process = 39:47

How I beat the insurance company out of court = 49:52

Tips to help strategize your situation = 1:05:53

Detailed example of my notice of intent = 1:12:51

Law and case law to support this = 1:17:15

Your 2 options = 1:26:08

Links in this video

Nolo book - How to win your personal injury claim.

Zoom H1n Newer version (essential model), or older version (original model), and micro SDXC card.

How To Win In Court - video training on how to be your own lawyer. announcing they're suing the government for laundering censorship, etc. suing the government - a newer video on it. - for figuring the ACV of your car. - for figuring the ACV of your car.

Guy who did Yoga, and changed his diet to lose a ton of weight.

Louis Rossmann - The Downfall of Amazon, pt.2: Top Ranking Electrical Fuses Show Dangerous Results.

Kefir grains from raw milk - my extra ones.

How long will this take me to be competent with?

Concerning How To Win In Court, I feel confident saying that watching about 5-6 hours of video, and applying yourself for a couple weeks can make you competent enough to win your case, whether in or out of court. I am generalizing, but I promise you that it's much easier than you'd think. A 16 year old should be able to do it if they had the desire.

As for the Nolo book - How to win your personal injury claim: it depends on your reading speed, but reading at least a few chapters should improve your mood and make you feel more confident that you can win. But, I suggest you watch the video to know the details about it, because it didn't work for me, though it did help give me some tips I didn't know of before. So it's not useless.

What if the insurance company is stalling?

I go over all the things Erie did to me in the video (they pulled every scam they could), but the short answer is that there are situations where they are right to not pay up on the spot.

To summarize: if they have a legitimate reason for not paying your full bill right now, then they can. Such as if there's evidence you're guilty of arson, or something else bad.

So you really ought to watch the video, because Erie insurance (the worst company of all), pulled so many scams on me that you might not even be aware of them. I suggest you watch it to help you discern whether or not yours is trying to scam you too.

So relax, and look at the entire chess board before making any moves.

Will this work if the insurance company is denying my claim?

Long story short: it can, but it depends on your situation. Again, I suggest you watch the video, because it will give you insight into the tricks they will pull, and how to deal with them.

Just look at the BBB rating of any insurance company. Erie's is abysmal, and there are plenty other stories similar or worse to mine.

To be fair to them, I know that people scamming insurance companies is a real thing, so they're right to be cautious... But they can be guilty of scams too by not paying out legitimate claims, as they tried with me.

So don't settle for less. Watch the video, and learn.

Will this work for Homeowner, Auto, or Health Insurance??

Yes, though it depends on the facts in your situation. In the video above I go over how it worked for me in a car accident as a 3rd party claimant, but I made it in a way that you should be able to apply it to any type of insurance, so long as your claim is legitimate, and within the scope of your policy.

A 3rd party claimant means that Erie was not my insurance company. I only went to them since this was the first time I got hit by someone else, and I was told by my company that I can do it through either or. I decided to do it through Erie since it was the other guy's fault, so why should my company have to pay and potentially raise my rates?

Mine may or may not have raised my rates if I went through them, but I already had the evidence the guy who hit me was at fault, so I was fearing there might be something my company would do to raise my rates through some technicality if I went with them.

During all this, I read a bunch of insurance horror stories too. In one: an entire area got hit with hail, and everyone else's insurance paid for the damage to their roofs, except for one guy, who left a negative review wherever he could.

So just watch the video. You'll be glad you did.

But my car was hit and the insurance won't pay!!

My dear snowflake: take your PhD in advanced faggotry, and burn it...

Eat beef...

Watch the video...

Learn it...

And follow Gigachad on the path to salvation in the war against the Lizard people.

Legend has it: doing so is guaranteed to morph you into a 6' 5" ripped Greek God, and grow you a jawline so chiseled that it can chop wood.

Truly, you shall be the biggest pussy magnet in the cosmos!

Truly, you shall save endless packs of cute furry kittens from certain doom!

Truly, the heavens shall bestow upon you a thunder cock for smacking hordes of enemies off a cliff like King Leonidas and his 300 did.


Obviously that's a joke, but you won't be sad you watched it, and YOUR LIFE ABSOLUTELY WILL BE FOREVER TRANSFORMED if you decide to act on it. That part is NOT a joke.

But the insurance company is lowballing me!!

They did it to me too, and I ended up getting more in my settlement than the bill from the body shop.

In fact, they tried to claim my car was worth about 1/2 of what it really was, and they tried to substantiate it with a "tRuSt Me BrO!!!!1!!1".

They pissed me off to the point that I physically wanted to hurt them... I didn't, but I was so enraged at their hypocrisy, ignorance, etc, that I eventually decided to sue.

Once I made that choice, a lot of really funny things happened between me and them.

Now stop wasting time, and go watch the video to see what it was.

You can fight back as if you were your own lawyer!!

Don't be the insurance company's bitch! Have some self respect! Hit back, and hit hard!

Just watch the video to see what I did. Then strategize according to the facts in your situation.

Laws and case law in the video, particularly for Illinois

If you have a legitimate claim, and you can't get your insurance company to settle out of court with your current strategy, then use these in your strategy.

Remember that the following are for Illinois only. They won't work in other states if you have to go to court. So find ones relative to your state.

Actual Cash Value definitions

Birmingham Fire Ins. Co. v. Pulver, 126 IL 329, 337: "... The actual cash value of property is the price which it will bring in a fair market, after fair and reasonable efforts have been made to find the purchaser who will give the highest price. The actual cash value then is the fair and reasonable cash price for which the property can be sold in the market. We see therefoe no impropriety in explaining the 'actual cash value' as meaning the 'fair cash value,' or in using the two phrases as practically synonymous."

Crandall v. Country Mut. Ins. Co. 81 IL App. 3d 140, 144, referencing Blacks law dictionary 5th ed, 1979: "In insurance, its customary meaning is replacement cost new less normal depreciation, though it may be determined by current market value of similar property or by the cost to replace or repair the property."

Allied Am. Ins. Co. v. Washburn, 159 IL App. 3d 1035, 1036: "The value of an automobile, like any other chattel, is conjectural, speculative, indefinite, and uncertain, and is influenced and determined by many undefined, and often undefinable, variables and factors, i.e., the buyer's desire for the vehicle and the seller's reluctance to depart with it, age, condition, and appearance of the vehicle, location and time of year, the financial ability of the buyer to purchase the vehicle, and the seller's need for the purchase price."

Bad faith laws in Illinois

215 ILCS 5/155 Attorney fees: the following is edited for brevity, and for third party claimants, so make sure you read the full law yourself if you're in IL. (1) In any action by or against a company wherein there is in issue the liability of a company... or the amount of the loss payable, or for an unreasonable delay in settling a claim, and it appears to the court that such action or delay is vexatious and unreasonable, the court may allow... reasonable attorney fees, other costs, plus an amount not to exceed one of the following amounts: (a) 60% of the amount which the court or jury finds such party is entitled to recover againt the company, exclusive of all costs; (b)$60,000 (c)... and it goes on...

215 ILCS 5/155.29 Purpose: the following is edited for brevity too, so read the full thing if you must. But (d) generally talks about how the purpose of this is to regulate aftermarket (non OEM) parts, and how the insurance company must clearly list on their documents they send you, on whether your replacement parts are OEM or not... " (d) Disclosure. No insurer shall specify the use of non-OEM aftermarket crash parts in the repair of an insured's motor vehicle, nor shall any repair facility or installer use non-OEM aftermarket crash parts to repair a vehicle unless the customer is advised of that fact in writing. In all instances where an insurer intends that non-OEM aftermarket crash parts be used in the repair of a motor vehicle, the insurer shall provide the customer with the following information:... (2) a disclosure settlement incorporated into or attached to the estimate that reads as follows: 'This estimate has been prepared based on the use of crash parts supplied by a source other than the manufacturer of your motor vehicle. Warranties applicable to these replacement parts are provided by the manufacturer or distributor of these parts rather than the manufacturer of your vehicle.'"

Case law for the above

Main intent, from Cook v. AAA Life Ins. Co. 2014 IL App (1st) 123700, P47: "... In other words, its purpose is to punish insurance companies for vexatiously delaying or rejecting legitimate claims by holding insurers responsible for the "expense resulting from the insured's efforts to prosecute the claim," and discouraging them from using their 'superior financial position by delaying payment of legitimate contractual obligations' to profit at the insured's expense."

Being vexatious must be based on all facts in broad focus, from Cook v. AAA Life Ins. Co. 2014 IL App (1st) 123700, P1: "In those circumstances where a bona fide dispute concerning coverage exists, costs and sanctions are inappropriate. "Bona fidde" is defined as "real, actual, genuine, and not feigned." If an insurance company's delay is grounded in a bona fide dispute over coverage, delay will not violate 215 ILCS 5/155 (2012), but that dispute must be rationally based in fact. In other words, in order to state a claim under 215 ILCS 5/155 (2012), an insured cannot merely allege that the insurer's conduct was vexatious and unreasonable, but she or he must include a modicum of factual support."

Bad faith construction part 1... Emerson v. Am. Bankers Ins. Co. of Fla. 223 IL App. 3d 929, 932 ... "What constitutes bad faith depends largely upon the particular circumstances of the case, particularly the insurer's conduct and its reasons for non payment. Reviewing various authorities which discuss this isssue, the court findds mention of elements such as the insurer's refusal to pay despite knowledge that it was liable and knowledge that refusal would result in serious damage to the insured."

Bad faith construction part 2... Emerson v. Am. Bankers Ins. Co. of Fla. 223 IL App. 3d 929, 936, also in 585 N.E. 2d 1315, 1320-21 (1992) ... "Examples of conduct found to support a finding of bad faith include: failure to adequately investigate a claim or denial of a claim without adequate supporting evidence; failure to evaulate a claim objectively; interpreting policy provision in an unreasonable manner; unreasonably low settlement offfers; reliance on misrepresentations in the application which are very minor, or where the insurer's agent knowingly filled out the application falsely; and abusive or coercive practices designed to compel compromise of a claim."

A case very similar to mine

This is the first and 2nd parts of the order of this case. It shows how the guy who was toyed with by the insurance company was right to win, and how he won $45,000+ in attorney fees, and more for various damages / penalties.

Negron v. United Equitable Ins. Co. 2019 IL App (1st) 172846-U, P1: "[*P1] Held: The trial court's judgment was affirmed where the plaintiff was properly awarded the replacement cost of his vehicle under the policy, defendant unreasonably and vexatiously delayed the settlement of plaintiff's claim, the attorney's fees awarded to plaintiff were reasonable, and the trial court did not enter and improper remmittitur."

Negron v. United Equitable Ins. Co. 2019 IL App (1st) 172846-U, P2: "[*P2] Following a car accident in September 2014, plaintiff Henry Negron, sought coverage for the damages to his vehicle from his insurer, defendant, United Equitable Insurance Company. When defendant had not adjusted plaintiff's claim by April of 2015, plaintiff filed suit against defendant, alleging that defendant had breached the insurance contract and that defendant had unreasonably and vexatiously delayed settlement of his claim. Following a bench trial, the trial court awarded plaintiff $8,675 in damages for defendant's breach of contract, and $2,020.00 in costs, $8,625 in penalties, and $45,424.00 in attorney's fees [**2] for defendant's unreasonable and vexatious delay in settling plaintiff's claim. Defendant appeals, arguing that trial court erred in (1) awarding the plaintiff the cost of replacing his vehicle in violation of the policy's terms, (2) finding that defendant's delay in settling plaintiff's claim was unreasonable and vexatious, (3) awarding attorney's fees in the amount that it did, and (4) entering a remittitur reducing the damages awarded plaintiff on his breach of contract claim withou defendant's consent. For the reasons that follow, we affirm."

Concerning Negron being unpublished case law...: this isn't always true, but sometimes the courts are corrupt. There are plenty examples of this that EVERYONE in the USA has heard of in the media, even though they lie 99% of the time... At the minimum, they only tell a fraction of the truth (which is still a lie), or they're just the blind leading the blind... ... Sometimes a case isn't published because they run out of book space, or it's so new that a new set of books hasn't been issued yet, like this Negron case, since it was in 2019 (so it's still new, and to be fair, I don't know how fast they print their books)... Sometimes, people with power / influence come up with some other excuse to keep case law from being published because it's embarrassing to either the government, or someone else with power / influence, and their lobbyist donor friends (or whoever) pull some strings to encourage an elected person from publishing that embarrassing info. I have read cases like that in the past where cops, etc, did some real fishy smelling shit, and the entire case was sealed, because it's obvious there was corruption involved that would embarrass EVERYONE. Example: an elected judge who got a lot of donor money for his campaign from a huge drug company... And if that judge gets a case where there is an obvious conflict of interest, his hands are tied, and so on... Well, the last resort for the drug company might be to threaten to not donate to the judge's campaign the next election cycle unless he pulls some tricks... And if you watch the video, Louie even mentions how one insurance company recently paid a $250 million settlement for paying off crook judges. So think of that the next time you vote for any cocksucker that takes bribe money in the form of donations from big companies, or uses some bullshit appeal to authority, and hopes you're stupid enough to not know that people with power, money, and influence can be severely corrupt. Most politicians do that in the form of high priced dinners like $500,000. Again, the real issue is the people's lack of awareness on this, their willingness to turn a blind eye to all of it, and not look in the mirror... The collective immorality of the people over a long time is what enables this shit to continue happening.

So on the chance you go to court and get a corrupt judge who seems to be willing to defy this Appellate court ruling, point to IL Sup. Ct. rule 23 (c)(2): earlier in the video I spoke of "Substance over form". So on the chance you get some idiot judge who thinks the Negron case can't be used as precedent... Because it was in the Appellate Court, and the appeal for that case was filed under IL Supreme court rule 23, the long story short of that is the following... (c)(2) of that rule allows the order in that case to be precedent if: (2) the disposition of the case.... is clearly controlled by case law precedent, statute, or rules of court; .... AND IT IS via 215 ILCS 5/155, and the case laws I already mentioned above. Just keep in mind that like all case law, it depends on how it applies to you. It has to be on point, and you can't word salad things together to justify anything.

Other important issues you might be dealing with...

I didn't do much research into the insurance company committing fraud because I wanted less work to do (I've spent over 130 hours making this video, research, etc, and I'm probably going to get $0.00 for it since I've been blacklisted for years), but I did find some laws that might lead you to shove a broken stick up the insurance company's ass even further...

815 ILCS 505/1 is the Consumer fraud and deceptive business act, and here are 2 case cite's for it. Look more into that law if you must.

Scroggins v. Allstate Ins. Co. 74 IL App. 3d 1027, 1028: "Because the duty of good faith, though implied in law, arises out of the insurance contract relationship, it is clear that the duty is owed to the insured, such that in appropriate circumstances constituting a breach of that duty, the insured may sue his insurer for damages resulting from the insurer's wrongful failure to settle a claim against him."

Impex Shrimp & Fish Co. v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co., 68 F. Supp. 183, 184: "Under Illinois principles of common law fraud, a plaintiff need not demonstrate privity with the defendant; he need only prove that the defendant intended on the defendant's fraudulent statement, or that the defendant had a special reason to expect the plaintiff to rely on his statement."

So if I were to go through this entire ordeal again, I'd definitely be looking into the above law a lot more, and throw the book at those rotten motherfuckers, because the adjuster I dealt with pulled some shit like in that Impex cite.

Hope that helped you! If it did, please share it with people you know!

I would love to know I helped cause those goddamn rotten mother fuckers as much damage as I could.


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