Coronavirus Coverup Exposed By Whistleblower's


Wuhan Chinese citizens tell the truth about Coronavirus, seeking help from the world.

Earlier this year in January, the Coronavirus popped up in Wuhan, China. In the following video, a citizen who lives there tells what it's like, and the hypocrisy of the officials in power who ran away to act like they're giving help. Meanwhile, all the common people lose even more of their already severely limited freedoms, and are made powerless to do anything about it.

"None of us are dumb, we just have no power."

Personally, I think this whole Coronavirus is a scam / scare tactice to scare people into submission and give up more of their rights. And when you look at the Center for Disease Control's website in the US, and if the current Coronavirus death trend stays the same at a whopping 19 deaths in the first 2 months in the US, it's important to remember that the COMMON FLU has killed more people per year. 2017-2018 alone killed 61,000 people, but there was no wordlwide shutdown with that.

The claim is that this virus spreads through physical contact such as eye mucus, nose, mouth, etc. And word has been going around among the powers that be that cash must now be banned to help stop the spread of it... But if that logic were true, then everything we come in contact with must also be banned: food, water, gasoline, and anything you buy anywhere, because infected toilet paper will give you Coronavirus too!! So stay clean by not wiping!! Which is some big brained advice right up there with removing your brain so you can't get brain cancer!!

It's just like the swine flu, bird flu, SARS, and all the other scams to sell more toxic vaccines. They're all scare tactics to sell more shit, make drug companies richer, rob you of your privacy, and hope you're dumb enough to comply. So don't fall for it.

And there's evidence people are being executed And burned for saying the truth

Recently, more people like this lady are voicing their opinions and mysteriously disappearing.

And how do I know they're disappearing?? Actually I don't, and I can't prove it because I've only seen images indicative of it. But it wouldn't surprise me because they're ruled by the Communist party of China, which is the shittiest form of government in the world that has been responsible for at least 100 million deaths in the last century. In Communist Venezuela today, people are literally eating straight out of garbage trucks. I've also heard from Chinese people I've personally known that China is horrible because they lived there, and confirmed that people get disappeared, just like the lady in the following video. So it's not some random crazy people making the claim.

The horrible things about Communism are not hard to learn about.

What can you do to make this better???

Obviously, diseases can spread. This is just blown out of proportion by the media.

But independence is the key, so boycott China as much as you can. Then build up / create your own alternatives to Chinese products, because China currently has a near world domination on tons of necessities. Nearly everything is made in China today, and that dependence on them is bound to screw us in the future because ports will withhold shipments, and trade will not happen because of the lockdowns.

So gaining freedom through your own production has a dual purpose, because with the Communist Chinese party not being able to pay it's bills (which you fund when buying Chinese products), it will eventually collapse from within. That should also help tear down the horrible technocratic society they have, where people have a social credit score and are denied service to things because they have an opinion different from the Communist party. Check out Xu Xioadong's story for a taste of what they did to him for calling out fake martial arts and proving it.

And if anyone needs any web apps or a web site that doesn't censor you for unpopular opinions: contact me with the link up top. PGP emails are now supported too.


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