Refuse forced vaccinations with or without an exemption


If you've been vaccinated, what are you afraid of??

This is the first thing that comes to mind everytime I hear someone blabbing about how they have the right to force something on me. Recently in the US, New York City is attempting to force vaccinations on people, and saying that anyone who doesn't get the ones they say will be fined around $1,000 USD per day by the city, and will be banned from certain areas like schools if they haven't taken a shot.

Enforcing that is IMPOSSIBLE as long as you learn your rights.

Learning your rights and how to enforce them will also make the city lose a lot of money, and they would soon give up because they couldn't get anywhere... But unfortuneately, since most people in the US don't know anything about the law or their rights, I believe a lot of suckers are going to fall for this scam the government is trying to pull.

So for any of you smart enough to care about yourself, I hope this blog sets you on the right path. But first, let's start with some great news!

Update Jan 1st 2020

I just found out that the producers of the VAXXED and VAXXED 2 movies I link to below, an organization called Informed Consent Action Network, HAS ALREADY BEATEN NEW YORK IN FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT ON MANDATORY VACCINES. Read the stipulation from their site if you wish.

The gist of it is this: the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been required to, but failed to file any reports on the safety and testing of vaccines since 1988. ICAN first filed a FOIA request to the that agency, and they ignored it. ICAN then filed a complaint in federal district court compelling them to do so. HHS responded with essentially: "We didn't do what we were supposed to". This means that

  1. The powers that be don't care about your health or safety.
  2. Any place that makes the claim that you need to have a vaccination to be there, can be challenegd in court, and they will lose if you play your cards right.
  3. Vaccine and drug companies can be sued for lying to consumers by claiming their vaccines and drugs are safe, when they're not. Even sued under the RICO Act.
  4. With that said, let's move on with why vaccines are bad, and the steps you can take to protect you and your rights from being robbed!

Side effects of vaccines, and why they're bad

Let's say for a second, hypothetically, that everyone aged 9-26 in the USA was forced to get the Gardasil vaccine. In their own words on the front page of their website, they claim it helps to protect against some types of cancers and genital warts:

GARDASIL 9 (Human Papillomavirus 9-valent Vaccine, Recombinant) helps protect girls and women ages 9 to 26 against cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal cancers and genital warts caused by 9 types of HPV. GARDASIL 9 helps protect boys and men ages 9 to 26 against anal cancer and genital warts caused by those same HPV types.

And when you go to the safety and side effects page, they only give you half the truth in a dumbed down version, hoping you're too stupid to not read the actual insert that explains the truth and dangers about it. In there, you'll see side effects like paralysis, seizures, fainting / losing conciousness, PLUS saying that it doesn't even prevent girls from getting cervical cancers - which it also claims to protect against, hoping you're too dumb the read the hypocrisy. The long list of side effects can be read in section 6.2 of that insert, but let's start with section 1.3:

1.3 Limitations of Use and Effectiveness: The health care provider should inform the patient, parent, or guardian that vaccination does not eliminate the necessity for women to continue to undergo recommended cervical cancer screening. Women who receive GARDASIL 9 should continue to undergo cervical cancer screening per standard of care. [See Patient Counseling Information (17).]

You could make the argument "This vaccine only protects against certain types of cervical cancers, that's why you have to keep checking even though the vaccine says it protects you from certain cancers". But the problem with this is 2 things. (1) The front page of their website passes it off as super safe, and only gives half the story, which is deceptive. And (2), they conveniently don't tell you that you cannot sue them if their vaccines ruin your life.

That's right, vaccine makers can't be sued for hurting you from dangerous vaccines. In fact, no one can even if it causes Autism. They are liable for nothing.

A special vaccine court was set up in 1986 to deal with these problems. Successful claims are paid out from a Trust Fund managed by the Department of Health and Human Services. And if you do happen to have a chance to be heard, the whole process can take 10 years or more, all while your medical bills pile up, you lose your house to pay it off, and so on. And since many commercials on TV are for drugs, it should be no wonder that the mainstream media has an interest in not telling you these things. Drug companies pay their salary, so they have an interest in promoting and protecting them. Fuck you and your health.

If you wish to see more info about how vaccinnes cause autism, consider watching this movie called VAXXED. In there, they go into detail about how the Center for Disease Control committed fraud on their studies claiming their stuff is safe, and the coverup on it. So if you think they're not going to lie about every other drug too: you're insane. All the media does it protect and promote them.

How to legally avoid "mandatory" whims of "the law" - whether for school, religion, or whatever

I will describe the basic process here, but it is impossible for me to show you every little detail on how this is done in a short blog. If you want to learn in detail, you must learn to represent yourself in court, which will give you far more confidence than what I'm about to say. That product is the one I would start on if I were you, because the principles he teaches apply to all matters of injustice, and show you nicely how the process goes. If you want some more clarity on how to make the proper forms check this one, Neither of these are hard either. A 12 year old can learn it. You only need to apply yourself. I have personally used both of these in the past, and it helped me beat 2 tickets. One was for disobeying a traffic sign (criminal case), and the other was for expired registration on my car (civil case). If more people in the country knew this sort of information, you wouldn't see anywhere near the amount of injustice being done today.

Here's the basic process. First, you have 2 case types: Civil and Criminal. Both have certain elements that change how the one making a claim against you plays out in the future. The distinctions between the 2 are VERY important, beause to win, you will be using technicalities. Once you learn how it all works, threatening letters and claims from tyrants become a toothless origami tiger.

Civil cases: These are cases where it's some private party like "Company A or neighbor B vs You". Cases like these cannot send you to jail. The worst that can happen is you lose your property: cars, house, money, kids, etc.

Criminal cases: These are cases where it's essentially "The People vs You". Cases like these are traffic tickets, murder charges, selling drugs, etc. If you put the rest of the public in danger in some way, you can bet it's going to be a criminal case, including traffic violations like running a red light. Jail can be an option depending on the severity of it. You can lose your property, money, etc. with successful prosecution too.

And whenever the government comes after you, many times they try to trick you into giving up your due process rights so that you skip court. On my expired registration case, they tried doing it with me by sending the unpaid ticket to a debt collector. I called them on their bluff, followed the law, and they gave up. They never reported me to Equifax, Experian or TransUnion, and if they did I would have been able to sue them twice: once in state, and again in federal court for it, because they denied me of my due process rights under the 14th amendment in section 1.

If you ever have to use the law, you'll realize that 99.999% of the time, people trying to screw you over don't follow the laws they're supposed to. Instead, they give you all the rope you need to hang yourself, and hope you're stupid enough to hang yourself. There's no difference with the current vaccination mandate in New York.

Let's pretend you got a traffic ticket for speeding

Since traffic tickets are a state case, I won't talk about federal jurisdiction, but do know that it exists, so the rules for it would be found in the US Code, etc.

And since this is a state issue, at the top of the ticket there's a box the cop is supposed to check. One says "The people", the other says "The city he works for" vs you. Let's say he checked the one for the people... Further on down the ticket should be a box he checks to let you know which law he claims you broke. What you do then is go look up the statue he checked to see whether the law you broke is a civil or criminal case. This can vary by state. You might have to read earlier in the act / statute to find out. This is very important too because it will determine the outcome of the case, and give you hints of the scams they're going to pull, and your defense against it.

Once you know if it's civil or criminal, you proceed to find every law they broke, starting with the US Constitution, and your state constitution. Then you go look up the rules of procedure in your state for that type of case. After that comes the supreme court rules of procedure for your state, then state and federal case law bolstering your claim, rules of evidence, rules of the court you'll be going to, and maxims.

Once you have all these codes, statutes, and laws: you make your motion and memoranda explaining yourself, the laws they didn't follow, etc., and you file your papers according to the limits of the law. This can vary depending on what it is, the type of case, etc. And you need to put yourself at the best possible advantage, so learn the limits of what you can do, and do that. While doing all this, you act in a manner that puts the burden of proof on the one trying to screw you. You force them to prove every claim they make. Then you watch them squirm, play word games, give you rope to hang yourself and hope you're stupid enough to, and then they lose by default because they didn't follow the law.

And to give you an example of how I beat a traffic ticket...

Arguments I made

In Illinois I got a traffic ticket for disobeying a traffic control device. It was a criminal case, though I did nothing dangerous or evil. The city dug up a tiny section of the road 2 blocks long that forced everyone to spend a couple minutes to go around, while going through it like normal only took 15 seconds. People even lived in this stretch so they had to drive into it to get home. Then they hid a cop in this spot with no one there except him, propped up some construction zone signs telling everyone to stay out. They left it like this for about 6 months, then fixed up that short stretch and about 10 other blocks in about 2-3 days (further enforcing my opinion that they did this intentionally to scam the people in the area). I drove through and got caught. Since this counted as a criminal case in IL, he checked the people at the top, checked the law I broke, and we left. Here are the main arguments I used, and along with my memoranda and motion on the record: I won this case easily.

  1. A traffic ticket is not a verified complaint as required by 725 ILCS 5/111-1 and 111-3 (b). This is VERY important because just like with these so claimed "mandatory" vaccines in New York, you can be damn sure these people are not giving you a verified complaint. Just a threat, with a legal option that lets them proceed without a verified complaint (read 111-3 b for the proof - the lawmakers added in parts that let them screw you quickly as long as you're dumb enough to let them). And people who are smart enough to know how to get out of red light scam or parking tickets, what the city does is wait until you rack up enough fines to them - most likely at least a couple thousand, then they follow the law. The reason they do this is because the way the system is set up lets them rob you of your rights quickly and easily, as long as you agree to it. If you don't and you force their hand, they wait, rack up the amount they claim you owe, then proceed to do it the hard way, and hope you're stupid enough to fall for it.
  2. They sent a city prosecutor, not the states attorney - the real one who represents the people. A clear violation of 55 ILCS 5/3-9005 (1) (a).
  3. Someone acting as the people when they aren't counts as fraud from 720 ILCS 5/17-1 A(1), and they can be sued in state and federal court both civilly and criminally for it (meaning they can go to jail). I threatened suing and jailing the city prosecutor with this.

During it all they played words games and a bunch of other scams trying to get me to hang myself. Getting you to do that is their main goal, because it's the easiest way for them to make money with little effort. Hanging yourself means they don't have to follow the massive amount of laws that protect you from them, which would make prosecuting you not worth it. And if you force them to follow those laws / technicalities by getting your information and evidence on the record: They lose by default if they have no counter to it. And in my case, the judge was in on the scam too. He was a total crook and played games with me too. I went to court 3 times, partly because I didn't know better, and didn't expect the scams they'd pull. Either way, I didn't fall for any tricks, and didn't waive my rights. And on the 3rd time I was there and the trial was supposed to begin, the city gave up literally about 2 minutes before trial, saying that they wanted to drop the case. And that was it. I won before trial, and could have won on the first day if I had known better. It's easy if you know the law and your rights.

Here are some laws broken and / or waived by not knowing your rights!

Concerning the situation in New York, they're trying to break a number of laws that public officials swear to uphold. Here's an example of the rights they're trying to violate, but by getting people to waive their rights when they don't know better. They give them the rope they need to hang themselves:

  1. 1st amendment: Freedom of religion and expression.
  2. 5th amendment: Being deprived of life and liberty without due process.
  3. 9th and 10th amendments: Just because a right isn't listed in the constitution doesn't mean you don't have it.
  4. 14th amendment: Due process rights. If the government wants to take something from you, there's a process they have to follow according to the law, depending on whether it's a civil or criminal case. If you waive those rights, then you don't have any.
  5. Multiple statutes, oaths, codes of conduct, and other precedents of law which tie them to the fire. This can vary by state.

Once you learn to represent yourself, now you can sue the crooks who rob you of your rights!

A claim without teeth is worthless, and further emboldens crooks in positions of power to keep doing what they do - rob the people of their rights.

And the best part is that you can sometimes sue them twice! Once in state, and again in federal court, for civil and criminal issues, as long as there are laws in both against the thing you were deprived of. For civil cases, the typical way for federal civil cases is with title 42 sub section 1983 of the US Code, and some others around that section. Title 18 would be used for federal criminal cases.

Since that's a giant subject, I won't go into detail, but that's your starting point. A lot of research is already done for you at this product. But don't make any moves unless you go through both of the courses I mentioned on this page.

I hope this leads someone on the right track. I suggest you start learning how to represent yourself in court as soon as you can. Because going forward in the state of the world / the USA, there will be no shortage of media and government scams against the people. Your only option is to stand up for yourself and people around you. I hope you do because the world is going to shit, and without common threads that unite us together, we'll all be destroyed and turned into something worse than a 3rd world dictatorship run by Artificial Intelligence.

And if anyone ever needs a website or some web apps - maybe the next Patreon alternative or Facebook - feel free to contact me!


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