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Current censorship problems

Email, one of the most common and low tech ways of communication, is under attack. How so? MailChimp, an email list building and sending service, recently kicked Alex Jones off their platform, along with a whole bunch of other companies at the same time. Love him or hate him, he is not the issue here. Censorship is, and it's a giant problem in the USA right now. Here's some proof with Project Veritas obtaining proof of censorhsip, and Twitter responds with attacking the messenger. Project Veritas has a lot more of this proof too.

And since MailChimp has already banned Alex from sending emails from their platform, along with the arrogance and obvious censorship shown by the videos above, it makes me wonder when will email host companies start getting the nerve to jump on the bandwagon, and outright “forget to deliver your messages” to people they disagree with, because you were flagged from all they data they collect on you for having a different opinion. So love him or hate him, if they can ban him, they can ban you, and steps have to be taken to end this injustice NOW.

Why censorship is bad

Let's say you got accused of something you didn't do. Let's use rape as an example. Now imagine that censorship was so bad that you weren't even allowed to speak up when people accused you of it, but they got to barf up lies about you on every news network in the world. Obviously, that's wrong because it would:

What you can do about this

First, you can BOYCOTT COMPANIES WHO WORK AGAINST YOU. For the purpose of this post it's Facebook, Google / YouTube, and Twitter. Stop supporting them in every way possible. Let them go in debt and fail. Without you and your support THEY ARE NOTHING. Remember that they need your money to survive. Without you, they depend on money from big donors, or going into debt to stay afloat. So let them throw their money in the fire.

It's time to stop being dependent on, and to leave the digital ghetto's of these places as your main hubs for getting information. If you need to use any mainstream services to a point: Be very critical of anything they want you to believe. But if they censor you for good, the following options are available.

Free speech social media alternatives

If you're a programmer who knows Python 3 and Django

The following is an email list building and campaign sending app that I made from scratch, instead of having them hosted on services who censor people they disagree with, like MailChimp. Click here for the code on my github. Pros / Cons / Instructions follow.

Pros of using this program / What it includes

Cons of using this program


  1. Have your own VPS setup and running Django 2.x, and Python 3.x. I know it works on Django 2.0.5 and 2.1, but there are really not that many huge changes with other versions of django. So check the code first if you're unsure.
  2. Add the email_signup_app/ folder to your projects root folder.
  3. In, add 'email_signup_app.apps.EmailSignupAppConfig', and 'captcha_app.apps.CaptchaAppConfig', to the INSTALLED_APPS list.
  4. Add the values for EMAIL_BACKEND, EMAIL_HOST, EMAIL_HOST_USER, EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD, EMAIL_PORT, and EMAIL_USE_TLS to your Documentation is here if you need more help.
  5. Add path('email_signup_app/', include('email_signup_app.urls', namespace='email_signup_app')), to your projects file.
  6. In your root project's templates/ folder, add the admin/ folder into it. If you already have an admin/ folder there, just add the app name folder inside that. This is necessary to override the default templates for the specific pages, so laymen can get the instructions on how to use it properly.
  7. Make sure the templates in email_signup_app/ are extending off whatever your base.html file is, with the proper block tags, and edit any part of the templates content as you need. You will need to, because some of it has filler text.
  8. Add my css styles to your css style sheet. Make sure none of them overlap with yours.
  9. Make sure your DMARC, DKIM, SPF, etc. records are properly set on your VPS that's running Django, along with an appropriate email for DMARC reports. Click here for an easy intro on how to do that. You can also go here for any deeper detail on info if you need it.
  10. Go to the Fail2Ban link above, scroll to it's documentation, read it, and enable it on the server running Django to make it more secure. Do an internet search if you need more help with it.
  11. python makemigrations
  12. python migrate
  13. sudo systemctl restart gunicorn (or whatever wsgi / distro of linux you're using to recognize the changes)
  14. You will need to pip install Pillow, with any dependencies (haven't done it in awhile, but I think the only one was psycopg2). Then upload the images from captcha_images/ into the Captcha App section on the admin panel, with the proper Roman Numeral values.
  15. Make an EmailCampaign instance.
  16. Follow the directions in the EmailCampaign admin template for warming up your email server, and the directions on the removal page when deleting from the list.



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