5G Technology Dangers Explained, Microwave Radiation Can Cause Cancer, EMF Protection Shields


What is 5G, and where does it come from??

5G is the 5th generation of cell phone wireless technology. It uses microwave radiation, and it's most notable use is from the military where it's used to disperse crowds in a non lethal manner.

Concerning phones, a large reason phone companies and government want to upgrade to 5G is for the faster speeds it delivers, the jobs made to create the products, and install them. All that = more potential profit. But this does not mean better connection.

The reason why is because it requires small cell towers of 5G to be installed every 500 feet or so. So if you're out of the range of it, you have problems. If you're in the country on your cell phone: You're still not going to get super fast internet unless it's installed roughly every 500 feet in your area too.

This super fast wireless network will make it so EVERYTHING WILL BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET AT ALL TIMES without delay. Meaning, you can fulfill your lifelong desires of having a "smart toilet" that checks your pee and poo, tells you if you're drunk - which then might disable the engine on your "smart car". Or so you can take a shower with your tablet or smartphone while it spies on you naked - no joke. And if that link ever goes down, just search for "tablet smartphone shower curtain".

The powers that be also tell people that 5G will lead to smart self driving cars that won't cause accidents, and so on. But who knows? Maybe instead of disabling your car engine, it'll be your own personal taxi instead!! Or if you're a diabetic, old, and forgetful, maybe your smartphone will relentlessly alert you because the microchip connected to your bottle of pills says it was unopened today, telling you now to take your pills... The possibilities are limitless.

But I say that the potential to abuse this is MONUMENTAL, and limited only by human gullibility and stupidity.

Put down your phone. Wipe your own butt. And please start putting effort into, and taking care of yourself. Because the dangers of 5G are far greater than enabling laziness and lack of self control as I will soon explain.

Getting a machine to do everything for you is not always the best idea. It's stupid things the ideas I just suggested that will help enslave us more than we already are.

A mark of the beast type system with microchips in everything can potentially be rolled out through this.

Government proof of how 5G's harmful radiation contributes to cancer, weird symptoms, and other negative health effects

And none of this even begins to speak of a mark of the beast type system

I don't know about you, and whether you have a religion or not isn't the point... But it's not hard to see how 5G or something like it can be used to force people to comply with every little whim of a bureaucrat - as if they were judge, jury, and executioner, and you are the slave.

Imagine for a minute that it gets deployed worldwide. You cannot escape it. And because of war or whatever convenient excuse, politicians determined that everyone must accept a microchip to exist in society. With this technology rolled out, and everything connected to the internet at all times: You would be a slave to computer overlords, or the very few people who control the computers.

Did you have too much sugar yesterday??? Well your fridge won't open today for you, because your fridge says you had too much yesterday... Are you really mad about someone??? Well now your self driving car won't work because it knows about road rage, and keeps you away from the location of the person you're mad at.

Would you really like to have everything you say and do tracked, logged, and saved on a database forever, to be used on you as blackmail for something in the future??? Would you like having a constant computerized mommy and daddy looming over your shoulder telling you how to live your life, what you can and can't say, what you're not allowed to think about, that also filters out info it disagrees with, tells you what you're allowed to do, or limiting where you can go???

Now that it's obvious how RF Microwave Radiation Is Harmful, and this technology can be abused... You might want to take some steps to protect yourself

What you can do about this: EMF protection shields, and ways to be less exposed

You can't trust the government to take care of you. Afterall, certain elements of it are working with big phone companies to roll out 5G. So in the mean time, consider these possible solutions.

EMF shielding at home

Basic protection

  1. Unplug Wifi off at night.
  2. If you use a cell phone, wear corded ear buds when using it, not blue tooth. And keep the phone as far away from you as possible.
  3. Carry your phone in airplane mode.
  4. Hard wire your internet if you can.
  5. Josh Del Sol from TakeBackYourPower.net/ has a number of real cheap and easy things people can do too, more in depth than the stuff above (especially for hardwiring). Go there, sign up to his list, and he'll send you a free guide.

Smart meter guards / opt out of a smart meter

These guys are using a stainless steel wire mesh faraday cage to block emf from a smart meter. No tools required, just pop it on and off. It's blocks at least 98% of radiation from smart meters.

And whoever is your power company, you can tell them you want to opt out of the smart meter, and have them install an analog one. If they give you any crap, just tell them you're afraid it'll set on fire. Either way, they have no right to tell you that you can't have an analog one.

EMF blocking paints, bedding, etc

LessEMF.com/ has lots of stuff for this.

And I can't say this works or not, but this lady on youtube shows how she's just using a screen to block rf radiation from her neighbors house. Watch it from that point for about 3 minutes to see the proof. You might want to watch the whole video some time, because there's some nice videos that go more into the history of 5G more than I did, the dangers, etc.

Personal EMF shields when you're out and about

There are also crystal and various other shields you can use to help defend against these problems. I can't comment on them all, but I know the one I used to have did have an effect. Whether or not they all work, I can't say.

But what I can say is that back in 2005 I had a sterling silver bioelectric energy shield. Back then, it was an unpolished version, and it had brass points on the edge. It was the cheapest one you could get, like $200 at the time. As soon as I put it I my hand, I felt the energy emanating through my hand. And over the couple weeks or so while wearing it, my mind was more clear, and I felt better over all. Unfortunately, I had to return it because something came up, I was poor and needed the money back, so I can't say much more about it. Though there are other, and cheaper things out there that people swear to.

One of those things are Q link pendants. Again, I can't comment on them, but research them on youtube, etc, and you'll get people swearing by them as well.

Some of these places have things that effect the whole room too, or for your car, etc. But I can't can't comment on them.

I hope this helps someone.

And if anyone ever needs a website or some web apps - maybe the next Patreon alternative or Facebook - feel free to contact me!


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